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Ken Maples

Senior Flight Instructor II CFI, CFII

Ken is the Chief Flight Instructor and a full-time instructor for Trade Winds Aviation. Ken lives in Cupertino and is retired from the semiconductor industry. He has been flying out of Reid-Hillview since 1987 and owns a Cessna Turbo 210 that is based at RHV. Ken obtained his private pilot's license in 1973 and has over 3,000 hours of flying experience. He is an instrument instructor and has been teaching since Oct. 2004.

Gene Hudson

Senior Flight Instructor II CFI, CFII, MEI

Gene is a senior flight instructor with over 16,000 hours of flight time. He is an FAASTeam representative, and has delivered over 1000 public presentations in the FAA Safety Program. He has lectured on aviation safety, human factors and precision/workload reduction flying techniques at national venues, including AOPA and the EAA (Oshkosh). He has experience in over 100 aircraft types, including singles, twins, piston, turbine, round gauge and glass cockpit aircraft. He has published articles in Plane and Pilot magazines, and the USAF magazine Safety. Gene has developed unique processes for teaching flight skills to a higher level of precision while reducing workload.

Seth Howell

Senior Flight Instructor II CFI, CFII

Seth received his training out of the Reid-Hillview airport. As a CFI/CFII he has given over 1,700 hours of instruction in a variety of aircraft ranging from light sports to the C400. He is committed to providing a fun and safe learning environment. Whether you want to take your first introductory flight, expand to instrument training, or work toward the completion of your commercial certificate, Seth is excited to help you succeed!

Cecil Chapman

Senior Flight Instructor II CFI

Cecil is an instructor with an FAA Gold Seal. He has given over 3,000 hours of instruction and is devoted to full-time, high-quality flight training, for the benefit of his students.

Angela Brandini

Senior Flight Instructor CFI

Angela graduated from San Diego Christian College with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation. She has since earned her Advanced Ground Instructor certificate and her Flight Instructor Certificate at Tradewinds Aviation and is excited to continue providing excellent training. She is certified to instruct in single-engine aircraft, land and sea. Angela, like the other Tradewinds instructors, is dedicated to safety and professional training.

Jaime Fernandez

Senior Flight Instructor II CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP

Jamie has extensive experience as a professional pilot and as a flight instructor at Trade Winds Aviation. He is eager to see his students succeed. His specialty is multi-engine training for advanced pilots.

Larry Murdter

Advanced Flight Instructor CFI, CFII

Larry has given wings to many students over the years. His passion for flying is evident as he teaching other the art and science of flight. He is an avid pilot and instructor and looks forward to training new students at Trade Winds Aviation.

Rocky Kabotsky

Advanced Flight Instructor CFI

Rocky earned all of his pilot ratings from Tradewinds Aviation. He is dedicated to passing on his knowledge and love of flying to future pilots. He is happy to go flying any time you want to experience the freedom of flight.

Charlie Klein

Flight Instructor CFI

Originally from St. Louis, MO Charlie moved to California in 2008 as student at Santa Clara University. As he earned his Mechanical Engineering degree Charlie started flying with Trade Winds Aviation and earned his Private Pilots license and Instrument Rating. After finishing his degree, Charlie went on to earn his Commercial pilots license and Flight Instructor Ratings. As a long time Trade Winds Aviation member and now Instructor, Charlie looks forward to helping new and existing members alike achieve their flying goals.

Kevin Knecht

Flight Instructor CFI

Kevin is a graduate from San Jose State University's Aviation program. While at Trade Winds Aviation he earned his Private Pilot, Instrument, Commerical, and CFI certificates. Currently Kevin is teaching Private Pilot ground classes. He is looking forward to working with new students and existing pilots.

Don MacLennan

Flight Instructor CFI

Don has been flying since 1993 and received his Instrument, Commercial, Multi engine and CFI ratings at Trade Winds Aviation. He also has an A&P certificate and occasionally helps out with maintenance. A flying enthusiast with 1800 hours of personal flying, he has made two Atlantic crossings and takes great pleasure in teaching new students how to fly. He has over 1000 hours in a Turbo Mooney and over 300 hours in a Cessna 421. Since retiring from the semiconductor industry, flying has become Don's passion and he would be very happy to share his experiences with you.